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What is HolaPhoto?

HolaPhoto is a service for searching a photographer for your journey. We help organise photo trips. Together with the journey you get a photographer who shows you around. So alongside the journey you will have great shots

What is a photo trip?

A photo trip is an easy and laid-back photo session with beautiful cityscape behind you. The sites are roofs, parks, architectural sights and other unique places. A photo trip focus is on natural shots with "live" emotions and minimal staging

Placement of offers

The photographer fills in the profile on the site and adds photos. Then we manually review it. If something is wrong with it, we ask the photographer to check and amend the profile. We do not charge any fees for placing the offer on the site. We act as an agent of a photographer and help him find travelers, attract audience by various means and do our best to make a photo trip popular. For this, we charge 7% of a photographer fee. This money ensures that photographer have orders and their number is constantly increasing. Agent commission is added to the amount the traveler pays through the site for a photo trip

A photo trip reservation

Travelers contact a photographer through the site, appoint mutually convenient time for the meeting. Further, a photographer confirms an order and a photo trip is booked. Payment is made after a photo session, before a photographer sends the resulting material

Carrying-out a photo trip

After confirming a booking, a photographer and a traveler independently warn each other about any changes. If something changes, they should immediately contact the other party and inform about it. Both parties should be punctual and not to be late. A photographer is obliged to make a photo trip in accordance with the description which has been posted on the site or as a photographer and a traveler previously agreed. After all, travelers count on it

Work coordination

When a photographer is ready to send the resulting material, he makes a relevant mark in his personal area on the site. Then a traveler pays an order. The money is retained in his account until the work is confirmed. The traveler will have 7 days to reconcile the work or make a reasonable refusal. As soon as a traveler confirms his work, money will be transferred to a photographer

Reservation cancellation

If a photographer has unforseen circumstances and a trip has to be cancelled, it is necessary to warn a traveler about it immediately and get a feedback from a traveler. The same goes for a traveler. You should also contact us

Guarantee of payment

HolaPhoto uses the Yandex Secure Transaction service. After payment the money "freezes" on the account of the traveler and transferred to the photographer only after confirmation of work. Such a scheme makes the interaction of the photographer and the traveler safer. The risk of disappearance of the photographer after payment and non-payment of the traveler is excluded

Security of payments

When paying for an order with a bank card, payment processing, including entering the card number, takes place on a secure page of the payment system that has passed international certification. This means that the card details do not come to our site. Their processing is completely on the side of the payment system and no one, including ourselves, can get your bank details. When working with card data, the information security standard developed by the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is applied. This ensures safe processing of the details of the Holder's Bank card. The data transfer technology guarantees the security of transactions with Bank Cards by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa, Secure Code and closed banking networks having the highest degree of protection

If the photographer asks for extra payment

The traveler and the photographer discuss the price and scope of work in advance before booking. If the photographer asks you to pay in addition after you have discussed all the details, write to us on

If I'm not satisfied with the photos

If you are not satisfied with the received photos for objective reasons - the quality does not correspond to the photos placed by the photographer in the profile, the number of photos is less, a lot of light / extra objects in the frame, etc., you can refuse to coordinate the photographer's work. In this case, a dispute will be opened where you will write why you are not satisfied. HolaPhoto will act as a neutral party, which will determine the fairness of the claims. We are guided by honesty and openness, so we do not take sides. If the photos do not conform to standards, we will refund your money

User support

For any questions, contact us at